Year-End Tax Tip For Teachers

Year-end Tax Tip for teachers: I’ve posted this tip before, but it’s important enough to re-post, if you’re a teacher, OR know someone who is a teacher: Start gathering your documentation for all of your out-of-pocket classroom supplies! Unreimbursed employee expenses (such as classes for your credentials, dues, etc) are tax deductible as employee business expenses, which, except for the first $250 (which is deducted on the 1040), have to exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income to even be deducted. Here’s the tip: Unreimbursed classroom supplies, like crayons, Kleenex, pencils, etc. can be separated out and deducted as Charitable Contributions (which are NOT subject to the 2% floor) as long as you get a donation acknowledgment from your school.


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